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A True Community Healthcare Program Engineered to Provide Cost Effective Healthcare Solutions to Employers in Southeastern Missouri.

Community Care Missouri (CCM), an innovative, cost-saving program for employers in Southeastern Missouri, will change the way you look at health care.  CCM has been engineered to provide a low-cost alternative for Southeastern Missouri employers, offering a network of world class, high-quality providers.  There are many advantages to CCM program:

  • Lower costs for employers and their employees
  • Easier access to primary & specialty care
  • Access to local clinics with zero cost to employees & their covered dependents
  • Local services that save time and money
  • Comprehensive programs that encourage consumerism, prevention, quality of care and wellness
  • World class care through Black River Medical Center, Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center and St. Francis Medical Center
  • First dollar benefits for employees to encourage proper use of accessing healthcare

HOW can Community Care Missouri save money to a company’s healthcare spend?

  • Highly competitive discounts through the building of a narrow network that incorporates the services of Black River Medical Center, Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center, St. Francis Medical Center and their providers
  • Lower costs through direct access to CCM providers, bypassing traditional insurance company costs, and better claims management

WHY should You consider Community Care Missouri?

The cost of health care has increased 168 percent since 1999 – four times faster than inflation.  CCM addresses the root causes of these soaring costs: poor lifestyle choices, lack of patient compliance, lack of integration between the healthcare plan and providers.

  • Reduced Costs: With CCM, you pay only for your employees’ care and reasonable administrative costs. Your costs decrease as the health of your workforce improves.
  • Health Management: CCM provides employees the tools to prevent and manage chronic conditions caused by poor lifestyle choices, which currently account for 75 percent of health spending.
  • Primary Care Access: Over 40 percent of employees do not receive routine primary care, which means 1) they are accessing care through emergency rooms or 2) they are receiving inadequate care for chronic and episodic conditions. CCM sponsored clinics provide local access to primary care that promotes medicine for long-term health.